Real Estate Investment Calculators

BUYERS – do the math before you make an offer on any property! Take a little time to get good estimated numbers and keep updating them to sharpen your focus.

Residential Buyers:
Your home purchase may be one of your largest transactions so be sure to:
  • Set Goals
  • Check Credit scores and history
  • Set a price limit and stick with it
  • Drive neighborhoods and check schools, shopping, roads

Get a realistic view of residential purchases with online tools such as:
How Much House Can I Afford?
Mortgage Calculator

Commercial and Investment Buyers:

Income producing property can be a great way to build equity and wealth. Think about your personal situation… can you manage rental property on a “hands on” basis or are you better suited to passive investments which leave day to day management to a property manager?

Either way, get a handle on the key numbers below and evaluate them first:
  • Purchase Price
  • Annual Income
  • Annual Expenses
  • Down Payment
  • Interest Rate
  • Mortgage Term in years

Use investment calculators to help evaluate residential, multi-family or commercial properties in detail:
Free Real Estate Investment Analysis Tool

Try different online tools to get a ballpark idea of these concepts:
  • Expense Ratios
  • Debt Coverage Ratios
  • Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate)
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Net Operating Income (NOI)
  • Cash on Cash Return
  • Debt Service

Of course you may want professional tax advice from your CPA or tax preparer since real estate investments may generate tax advantages after depreciation expense and other deductions are applied.

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